Travel Tips for PetsTravel Tips


  • Ensure your pets vaccinations are up to date & have a copy of the Certificate
    (Some countries require original vaccination certificate clearly stating the pets information including microchip number)


  • Purchase a crate early so the pet gets accustomed to the crate. This plays a big role in your pets journey.


  • A favorite toy or a familiar item is recommended to put in the pets crate.


  • Advise us of any Medical or behavioral issues that your pet may have. Even favorite food/treats or activity.

FAQ by Pet OwnersFrequently asked questions by pet owners


Q. Where is My Pet during the flight?

A. The Most common question pet owners ask is:
Will my pet be safe on the flight?
When choosing the right airline, all of the cargo holding areas are insulated, climate controlled, pressurized and most of them even have slightly dimmed lights. This allows pets to travel in comfort, just as we do sitting above in the cabin. In fact Air Travel is much safer than long distance road transport.


Q. Are sedatives used in pet transportation?
Absolutely not. Sedatives suppress the respiratory system of the pets, which may cause disorientation. In fact, several airlines will not accept a dog or cat if they are sedated.
Even though some vets will test pets prior travel, latest studies show that sedatives can multiply in high altitudes by several times depending on each pet.


Q. What size travel crate will I need?
We recommend that the crate must be large enough for a pet to stand up in, turn around & completely lie down in a normal position. We will assist you with selecting the appropriate sized crate for your pet's travel. We will also recommend training tips to help your pet adjust to the crate, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.
See our Travel Crates page for more info.
Please note: Your crate must not be the collapsible type.


Q. Can I arrange to fly on the same flight as my pet?
Most definitely. However, you will need to arrange for your personal airline tickets directly with the airline. Please note that some Airlines will not accept certain breeds, therefore your pet may need to travel with a different Airline. Also some countries require  customs clearance at first port of entry therefore we may require arranging different flights. Our Pet Travel experts will be more than happy to assist you with flight schedules.


Q. What type of vaccinations should I give my pet?
Most countries require pets to have a current C4 Vaccination as well as a Rabies Vaccination given at least 21 days prior to departure.
Countries such as the UK require up to 7 months preparation prior to departure.
If you require assistance in regards to the regulation of any country, you can contact us & we will be happy to provide you with any information.


Q. I'm currently overseas & my pet is residing with my family. How can I prepare my pet for International travel?
Our Staff are specialized in National and International Travel. Therefore we would organize the journey, all from pick up from your door right up to the delivery at your pet's destination.
We would make all flight reservations, correct & luxury crate size, ensuring the required vaccinations are correct & up to date, required blood tests or micro chipping etc.

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